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Do you experience frequent basement flooding during the rainy season? If so, your sump pump may be overdue for a replacement. At Alpha Plumbing, we provide world-class sump pump installation services for properties of all sizes.

We will install a sump pump system using years of experience, superior materials, and painstaking attention to detail. You’ll enjoy excellent communication from our team and 100% customer satisfaction during every project.

Read on to learn how to protect your crawl space or basement from water damage by investing in a new sump pump installation to drain your basement space.

Why Partner With Sump Pump Specialists in King County?

Properly installing new sump pumps requires the right skills and planning. Fortunately, our crew has everything we need to complete the job right the first time. When you partner with our basement sump pump specialists, you get the following:

  •  Quality product recommendations
  •  Top-notch professionalism
  •  Emergency repair services

Common Reasons Why Homeowners Replace Sump Pumps

If you need to repair your sump pump several times a year, save money with a quality sump pump installation of a new pump from our team. For years, we have installed hundreds of sump pumps for residents in and around King County, WA. Whether water is coming up from your sump pit or your motor has stopped working, we have the solutions.

The Sump Pump Will Not Stop Running

If your sump pump continues to run at all hours of the day, you may need a repair for the float switch or to check the power connection to the device. However, this problem could also indicate that the sump pump cannot keep up with the water in your sump pit. Our team can check your motor and discharge pipe for clogging or debris that prevents water from draining.

If your system is old or underperforming, a replacement may be the most appropriate solution.

System Use

Depending on where you live, you may or may not experience power outages or basement flooding throughout the year. Sump pumps that do not frequently operate have lower life spans than those that do.

Component Failure

It can be costly to repair appliances every time they fail. Excess moisture from basement flooding can cause your system to malfunction and create water damage that compromises the foundation of your house. 

A new sump pump installation can help you feel confident about your home’s ability to pump water away from its foundation.

Unusual Noises

Do you hear strange noises coming from your sump pit or a drain in your recently installed system? Vibrations and rattling sounds are signs of damage that a professional may not be able to repair. Our installation team will inspect your sump pump quickly so that your basement floor will not experience water damage during the next storm. We’ll try to repair first, if feasible.

Rust and Corrosion

Rust and corrosion can develop in your sump pump after long-term exposure to ground moisture. A total system replacement can resolve this problem before your foundation wall becomes vulnerable to damage.

Year-Round Sump Pump Services in King County, WA

Getting a reliable sump pump installation shouldn’t be a challenge. Our family-owned business makes it easy to replace, repair, and maintain your systems easily with our year-round services. You can trust us to protect your basement foundation by installing a sump pump with high-grade components.

The Cost of a Sump Pump Installation From Alpha Plumbing

Some conventional home repair companies charge too much for a sump pump installation. At Alpha Plumbing, we are transparent about pricing and will provide a sump pump installation estimate before you commit.

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Why Not Install Your Own Basement System?

Independently installing a sump pump in your basement can be costly and dangerous. If you need a sump pump installation or repair, call our experienced technicians.

How Long Does a Sump Pump Installation Take?

We can replace your sump pit quickly. Most sump pump projects take less than a few hours to complete.

Install a Replacement Sump Pump in Your King County Home Today

Schedule a sump pump installation with us at Alpha Plumbing in King County, WA. 

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