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Signs You Need Plumbing Repairs

If you notice any of the following signs, you have plumbing issues that need repairs. Our experts are standing by to help.

Water or Sewage Backups

If water is backing up in your basement or your yard, one of your pipes or main lines has a clog. If your sinks, toilets, or showers don’t empty as quickly or force water back through the drain, your clog is somewhere in your interior pipes. A professional plumber can find the blockage and quickly clear your pipes.

Visible Water Damage

A cracking or crumbling foundation, walls, floor, or ceiling often indicates a leak somewhere in your system. You also might notice mold, mildew, or yellow or brown water stains.

Poor Water Pressure

Poor water pressure can indicate a partial blockage or a leak in your plumbing. Don’t settle for low water pressure or assume it’s a natural or benign cause. Call an expert to diagnose and fix the issue.

High Utility Bills

If your water bills are higher than normal, your water is running even when you’re not using it. This usually signifies a leak you’ll want to find and fix quickly.

Unusual Noises or Smells

The most common smell that indicates a plumbing problem is mold or mildew. Other common odors include sewage, natural gas (rotten eggs), and decay from dead animals.

If anything in your plumbing system makes weird clunking, grinding, or buzzing noises, something isn’t working properly.

What's Included in Plumbing Repair?

What plumbing problems can our certified experts fix? The following are the most common repairs we perform, but this isn’t a complete list. If you need help with something different, call us and confirm we offer repairs!

Garbage Disposal 

If your disposal doesn’t adequately clear food waste from your sink or becomes jammed, a professional can restore it to working order. Keep your kitchen clean and odor-free by getting immediate repairs.

Gas Line

A leaky gas line is dangerous and a major emergency. If you smell natural gas, immediately exit the house without using any electronics and call a professional plumber from a safe location. Don’t even stop to turn off the lights.

Sump Pump

Your sump pump is responsible for keeping your basement dry and unflooded. Treat a broken pump during the rainy season as an emergency!


Pipes are the veins of your home, delivering water to every place that requires it. They also experience the most frequent problems. Whether you have a leak, a burst, or a block, Alpha Plumbing can handle it.

Alpha Plumbing proudly offers plumbing repairs in King County, WA.

Why Use Alpha Plumbing for Plumbing Repair?

When you call Alpha Plumbing for plumbing repairs, you’ll gain the following benefits.

Expert Repairs

Our experienced plumbers offer superior knowledge and problem-solving skills and can address any issue. They undergo frequent continuing education to stay current on plumbing methods and products.

Competitive Pricing

We work to keep our prices comparable to or better than other companies. We’ll provide upfront and transparent pricing, so you’re never surprised.

Outstanding Service

We offer the best customer service of any plumbing company in the area. We’re always prompt and friendly and treat your home as though it were our own.

Alpha Plumbing is the best choice for plumbing services in King County, WA. Our reviews confirm it!

People also want to know

Can I DIY Plumbing Repairs?

Even with a working knowledge of plumbing systems, most repairs require a professional to prevent costly mistakes and greater damage. You could clear a clogged toilet yourself, but don’t risk anything greater than that.

How Long Do Pipes Last?

Depending on the material, pipes should last between 40 and 90 years. If your home is over a century old and still has its original pipes, ask a professional plumber for a diagnostic.

Can a Plumber Fix a Gas Line?

With the proper license and certification, a professional plumber can repair or update a gas line!

Call Alpha Plumbing for All Your Plumbing Repairs

When you need plumbing repairs in King County, don’t hesitate and risk more severe damage. Alpha Plumbing provides the best service and finds a solution to every problem. We’re also available for emergency service.

Do you want to find out why we’re number one? Call (425) 333-7972 to book an appointment today.

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