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Home renovations are exciting projects that ignite your creative style and awaken your inner designer. Hiring a reputable bathroom remodeling company can improve the experience. Alpha Plumbing’s team of talented designers and remodelers have the experience and skills to facilitate a smooth home improvement project with satisfactory results. 

Why Choose Professional Services Over DIY Projects?

If you are considering a DIY bathroom renovation project, you should reconsider that approach. While many homeowners have an aesthetic vision and a list of chosen materials, few know how to manage their plumbing, electrical, and HVAC networks. DIY projects often take more time, money, and energy than expected. 

As a bathroom remodel contractor, our crew at Alpha Plumbing understands your desire to save money and achieve gorgeous results. Since we believe every homeowner deserves to bring their dream home to life, we provide affordable bathroom remodels with the same creative bathroom design as a luxury remodeler. 

How Bathroom Remodels Add Value To Your Property

A refurbished, redesigned bathroom offers much more than a place to wind down and relax. It also benefits your property in the following ways:


  • New plumbing components that require fewer services than the old ones
  • Modernized fixtures designed for sustainability, accessibility, and comfort 
  • Improved storage options that simplify organization and add square footage
  • Overall increase in property worth


You’ll also enjoy a more comfortable space to facilitate your hygiene and care routines. We can also redesign your bathroom to safely accommodate people with health conditions or disabilities. 

Getting Ready for Your Bathroom Renovation

Preparing for bathroom remodels is among the most exciting parts of the process. You explore various materials, delve into your aesthetic preferences, and dream big. The sky’s the limit during this phase. We recommend adding the following tasks to your preparation to-do list to streamline the renovation process. 

Plan Ahead

When embarking on a renovation project, every homeowner needs:

  • A budget
  • Estimated bathroom space
  • An understanding of their practical needs
  • An understanding of how their aesthetic and design preferences may fit into their reality 

Our Professional Remodeling Process

Your project begins during your consultation with our team. Once we nail down the finer project details, we’ll share the plans with you.  

System Installation 

Next, our contractors begin the technical process of inspecting, redirecting, and repairing the systems that make your bathroom healthy and comfortable. Sometimes, our remodelers discover damaged materials like frayed wires or cracked pipes. Since these issues remain out of sight, our customers don’t know about their existence. 

Then, we redirect the networks as needed to accommodate new plumbing and electrical fixtures, laying the groundwork for your new and improved bathroom.

Installing New Materials

Finally, we will install your new fixtures. Our team will also connect your new bathtub, shower, or sink. Once we finish installation, we begin laying floor and wall tiles or adding other finishing touches to your dream bathroom. 

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